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Brent Livermore OAM – CEO

My name is Brent Livermore, I gained notoriety as a Australian Hockey player, and I was awarded the OAM.

  I was honoured to captain the very famous Australian Men’s Hockey Team the Kookaburras; we won Bronze in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and in the 2004 Olympics GOLD…how good is that, one of my most proud moments.

I played 290 games for Australia. This is impressive on anyone’s measure. Success only comes through years of discipline, wise planning, and keeping abreast of the facts.

I am now 37 years of age and my days of being an active participant on the field are now at an end. TIME FOR A CHANGE: I have over many years become a student of the property market and property cycles. I now commit the same discipline as I once used on the field to my very unique property consultancy. If you would like to know a little more about me just click here


I kid you not…. I can show you how to buy income producing house and save $80,000.

That is right; you read it correctly $80,000 below its completed valuation

I know it might seem hard to believe but see for yourself, just click here  and I will show you how. I reached the top of the professional sporting field through team work and personal integrity. As I launch my business career I commit to the same high standards towards my clients as I demonstrated to my team when we won gold

My new team at Brent Livermore & Associates is headed up by my colleague John Allen, John has had decades of experience in property development, property management, holds a current Real Estate Licence and has developed and sold hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate. John is waiting to demonstrate how you can save $80,000 on your next real estate purchase. You can contact John direct by clicking here  or you can telephone him on 0413 151 971.


The best time to secure a profit is to make the profit when you buy, I have a product that has stood the test of time, I can help you acquire your next property purchase and save up to $80,000 at the time of purchase..

This is a unique buying opportunity; create an instant capital gain the day you buy. Do yourself a big favour and make contact with me Be assured any consultation is free and without obligation, I promise, you will not be put under any pressure, I will illustrate how you can save $80,000 on your next property purchase. You be the referee.


  • Property prices about to boom
  • Interest rates at record lows
  • Finance is available, and the product is supported by  one of the big 4 banks
  • The programme has passed its 10 year anniversary, so it has stood the test of time.

So do not hesitate, just make contact now.


Telephone me personally: 0413 083 447

Skype Liverchief25

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you achieve GOLD with property

Yours sincerely


Brent Livermore OAM

Ps…  My claim to fame on the Hockey field is that I knew how to slot that ball!  Let me show how to slot dollars and create an impressive and profitable property portfolio.

Talk Soon…

John AllenJohn Allen – Executive Consultant

As an Executive Manager, I have over 37 years’ experience in managing small to medium sized businesses in creation, development, growth, staffing and financial control.

I moved to Brisbane in August 1979 and have been self-employed, either as a sole trader, trustee or director of various entities, since this time. During the period from 1984 to 2009 all businesses were substantially or totally owned in partnership with Rodney Mackay. In August 2009, the partnership ended amicably.

Since 2009, I have been working as a consultant to various property and financial firms to help establish systems and grow their portfolios.

Throughout my career I have acquired and developed the following core skills:
- The ability to sell tangible and intangible products and services both to businesses and individuals. 
- Forming, initiating and selling solutions to the various participants of a small business in difficult times.
- Crisis management and/or trouble shooting.
- Business modelling and planning.
- Managing the financial resources, arranging leases, overdrafts, credit accounts, bookkeeping and all other financial requirements.
- Recruitment, employment and management of staff.
- Liaise with various parties to keep the arranged times for completion and financial commitments in check (property development industry). 
- Function in the capacity as a Director at small to medium company level.
- How to structure a business to achieve appropriate financial outcomes.

Underscoring this broad range of business skills is my ability to understand and care for the needs of individuals. This has driven the establishment of loyal employees, consultants and clients over a variety of different businesses. 

I have a strong people first ethos where I believe it’s the employees, owners or consultants I work with that deserve the recognition for the end result. I pride myself in being the first to take the blame for things and last to take the credit.